Welcome to The

Human Animal Project

We are now living in a time where information is ubiquitous, but wisdom is in short supply. Ideologies consume the modern landscape but meaning is scarce. People in the modern world are burnt out, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Clearly we need a new way to show up both in the world and in our lives. But maybe, just maybe, the story we need to live isn’t a new one, but rather an ancient story that we desperately need to re-experience!

The Way Out...

At the Human Animal Project we believe that if we are able to once again embody this ancient story, and learn to re-integrate it back into our modern experience—we can  invoke the inner rhythm needed to live an exceptional life. A life that most of us in the modern world feel we are missing.

In addition the Human Animal Project seeks to embody the necessary wisdom to change the destructive path we are heading on as a species, and in-turn take the honored place as caretakers (NOT OWNERS) of our home Gaia, the Earth: our Mother, our Teacher, our Spiritual Muse.

Ways To Embrace & Learn About

your human animal spirit

“..the earth and the whole universe [is] a never-ending circle, and in this circle, man is just another animal. The buffalo and the coyote are our brothers; the birds, our cousins. We end our prayers with the words “all my relations” – and that includes everything that grows, crawls, runs, creeps, hops, and flies.”

- Jenny Leading Cloud, Lakota, 1992