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Join us for 6-days in Thailand, where through an immersive, practical experience — deeply connected to the wisdom of nature — you will REDISCOVER HOW to show up in your own life with poise, focus, and clarity.

I want to personally invite you to the Human Animal Retreat at my 2nd home Tree Roots Retreat, in Thailand...

The Human Animal Retreat is the culmination of my life’s work both as a martial arts teacher, embodied philosopher, ecopsychology practitioner and seeker. It’s an experience that I developed first to overcome my own roadblocks in life and now passionately teach to others.

I have integrated findings from my research as a social scientist (studying mindfulness-in-action from an embodied perspective), as an environmental/ecopsychology researcher (studying the role nature plays in healing), along with  my own personal embodied practice, and as a martial arts teacher for over three decades. The lessons held within the {Instinct Code} experience has enabled my students to develop true self-reliance and mastery no matter what life throws at them.

What I teach is that held within your body’s natural instincts — lies the keys to lasting fulfillment. I write ‘fulfillment’ here on purpose, instead of ‘happiness’. Happiness is often momentary, whilst fulfillment is long term. Unlike the Western Pollyanna notion of happiness, fulfillment doesn’t mean the search for a life free from stress. Rather it is through embracing, molding and shaping stress that poise, focus and clarity is possible in spite of life’s chaos.

You can think of the Human Animal experience as a personal mastery program that is explored through mind and movement, while fully reconnecting to the spirit of the natural world. In doing so, you will discover the positive application of your primal nature in the service of overcoming obstacles in your life.

Embrace Your Instincts — While Living Your Life as an Artist in Flow!

At a time where people are feeling fragmented, anxious, stressed out, and suffering
from a loss of meaning — I believe the antidote, and the way to show up in life with
poise, focus, and clarity is to reconnect to our natural instincts.

The knowledge of our natural instincts can be found in fully embracing the ancestral wisdom of merging mind, body and the intelligent spirit of the natural world. We need to ‘unschool’ ourselves from the falsehood of happiness promised in modernity and in turn relearn once again how to reconnect with the uncluttered, minimalist experience of being fully alive with ourselves.

In short we need to undo our human domestication and ‘Riˈwīld’ our animal selves! 

Through our sessions together and with other seekers, you will learn real world tools and strategies that you can apply to show up in your own life with poise, focus and clarity.

Most importantly, we will explore how to gain the edge in the modern world on your own terms!

The Human Animal Matrix

Throughout the 6-days of the retreat we focus on the following key areas of personal development:


Rediscover the indigenous origins of mental clarity. Learn how to become purposefully attuned to the present moment with focus, composure and calmness — especially in difficult situations.


Learn how the separation of mind from body is an illusion. Instead you will learn how to harness the natural rhythm and ancestral intelligence of your body so you can show up in life on your own terms.


Learn how to both steady and activate your inner state so you can surf life’s chaos. Fully immerse yourself in the language of your nervous system so you can keep calm in the face of obstacles.


Learn the secret to experiencing more flow in your life so you can as surfing legend Shaun Tomson notes, “surf that next big wave in your life!”

6-Nights In Thailand

At The Beautiful Tree Roots Retreat in Rayong

Come spend time with me, my good friend Aaron Le Boutillier at our home Tree Roots Retreatnestled in a sleepy fishing village, 5-minutes from the beach and only a couple of hours drive from Bangkok.

Standard Package Includes

* due to Covid all Retreats have been put on hold. Please fill in the form below to be notified when our next Retreats will become available.