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“It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society”
- Krishnamurti

If you live in the modern civilized world and look around, what you will see are fellow ‘humans’ feeling fragmented, anxious, stressed out, and suffering
 from a loss of meaning. Maye this is you too and you asking yourself, “what can I do about it?”

The Modern World Has Sold You a Lie

The first step to personal healing is to wake up to the lie spread by the modern world. The lie is that we need to seek speed, to hustle, to win at any cost, and to achieve success requires that we compete and outdo our fellow man. The capitalistic system places pressure on everyone to always be doing more, to grow, to do something big and achieve more with our lives. It’s not okay to simply be where you are, you have to be constantly striving. 

This way of approaching life may gain you the materialistic play things you are told you need to be happy, but sooner or later you will wake up to an emptiness, a void, that cannot be filled by anything that the modern world has promised you. 

The reality is that the system is set up so that you gain social acceptance for living a certain life and showing certain results. We are then trained from an early age so that this social acceptance of what is considered success becomes part of our self-acceptance and self-esteem. If you find that you are not achieving success as it has been defined by modernity, then there’s that voice inside you that says, ” you know, I’m a failure.”

I learned this the hard way. I chased all the classical totems of success modernity suggested you needed to be fulfilled, to be happy. The fancy cars (and I had many), the house in the perfect neighbourhood, and all the other material trappings. 

However there’s nothing like a life altering crisis to set you straight. First my several year battle with depression, which then led to a two decade marriage ending, followed by having to move away from South Africa leaving my two boys behind—both in order to heal, and to continue to give my boys the life I know they deserve.

The biggest takeaway coming out of this dark period in my life is that almost everything we have been told to focus on in the modern civilized world is not there to serve us, but rather to continue oiling the dysfunctional machine of consumption. The modern system we find ourselves in, was and never will be a system devoted to the health of humanity. Rather, it is a system designed for the elites, keeping everyone else in serfdom— while ensuring we play out the illusion that what we are all working so hard at will result in a better life for all. 

“With human nature caged in a narrow space, whipped daily into submission, how can we speak of its potentialities?”
—Emma Goldman 

The Courage To Step Outside the Status Quo

At every turn we need the courage to step out of this dystopian prison we now find ourselves living in. As Krishnamurti argues: “It is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

Even the smallest act of rebellion is an act of liberation. For example to purposively slow down, both consciously and physically. What are we racing around for anyway? Does gaining three seconds more to get somewhere first serve any purpose other than allowing the system to win once more? 

 Things will happen as they should. Life goes on if you move fast or if you move slow—except, the later leads to a way of showing up on your own terms. In other words you get to choose how and why you show up at all! 

The time has come to liberate ourselves the human animal from the shackles of modern conquest of outdoing each other in the name of happiness. Each act we take in opposition to what modernity says will lead to success and happiness, is a step to personal liberation and freedom.

How do you achieve this?

You can begin by learning strategies, tactics and tools that will allow you to reconnect with the uncluttered, minimalist embodied wisdom of your ancestors, your human animal — and in doing so unlock your natural inner rhythm.

It’s time to RIˈWILD!  

Honoring Indigenous Wisdom, Primal Nature & Breaking Free From Domestication

The Human Animal Project through the Instinct {Code} experience invites you to embrace your inner-wildness. Our goal is to teach you ways to show up in your life with poise, focus and clarity.

We achieve this together through;

Honoring Indigenous Wisdom: Explored through thoughtful dialogue leading to action, discover ways that you can create opportunity to encourage more play, wonder, and interconnectedness both in our own life, but crucially in the world we all inhabit.

Embodying an Primal Way of Being: Learn ways to show up calm, patient, focused and present. This includes breath practice, presencing, and uncovering the intelligence of the embodied being that you are. You will learn that your inner state dictates your fate!

Forging the Primal Spear: Learn ways to embody your primal nature through martial arts practice that leads to you showing up in your life grounded, self reliant, and as a protector of those who need help.

Connecting with Great Mother: We are not separate from nature, we are nature. Learn how the natural world can serve a profound place in your life, leading to healing, better mental health, and a deep connection to the web of all creation.

How to Be Part of the Human Animal Project: Join the Tribe!

The truth is we need mentors and helpers who are able to nourish that part of ourselves that seeks to return to a healthier state of being. You need to be surrounded my those who acknowledge that the modern world is insane and you are not crazy for thinking so.

The question is what are you willing to do about it?

Are you willing to listen to the call to show up differently in life?

To listen to that call requires courage and you cannot do it without help. You cannot be truly sane and effective without other people around you holding that space for you. You need others to share with you what they have learned, you need a community. This is what The Human Animal Project was created for.


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